Establishments of companies, associations, foundations or branches of such;

  • Assignment and transfer of company shares;
  • Buying, selling, renting out properties
  • Preparing wills,
  • Conducting estate search of the deceaseds,
  • Transfering estate properties to the heirs;
  • Filing lawsuits for rejection of inheritance;
  • Preparing, revising and negotiating relevant contracts in various fields of law;
  • Filing and following up the recognition or enforcement cases for the legalisation of foreign court judgments;
  • Filing lawsuits for name-surname changes;
  • Litigating civil and criminal matters in every level and catagory of Turkish Courts including the Supreme Court;
  • Initiating enforcement procedures against the Turkey based debtors for the collection of receivables;
  • Applying and submitting required legal documents to the relavant administrative bodies;
  • Providing consultancy services for the application to UK universties and schools.

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