Oz&Oz London LLC is a consultancy company founded by Şevki Onur Öz, who is also the founder of Öz&Öz Law Office in Turkey, in order to meet the demands of Turkish citizens.

Oz & Oz London, which started its activities in order to facilitate the access of Turkish citizens living in the UK to legal services in matters related to Turkish Law and to benefit from the advantages of receiving / providing face-to-face services, has been providing legal consultancy and attorneyship services to both Turkish and foreign citizens and companies since 1968 in almost every field of Turkish Law.

Oz&Oz London’s  practice areas include but not limited to  establishments of companies, associations, foundations or branches of such in Turkey and United Kingdom; assignment of company shares; buying, selling, renting out properties and resolving legal disputes arising from these; preparation of will, estate search, transfer of estate properties to the heirs; filing lawsuits for rejection of inheritance; filing and following up the recognition or enforcement cases for the recognition of foreign court judgments; filing lawsuits for name-surname changes; preparation, revision and negotiation of relevant contracts in various fields of law;  initiating legal enforcement procedures against the debtors based in Turkey for the collection of receivables

Oz&Oz London also provides legal assistance to its clients in matters such as company establishment, buying and selling preperties, leasing in the UK and providing consultancy services for the application to UK universties and schools.

We, as Oz&Oz London, are focused on solving  legal problems of our clients in a most efficient way to ensure client satisfaction at the highest level.

Please feel free to contact us for your any queries.